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Membership & Prices

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Safety is paramount when climbing and everyone, regardless of experience, must go through a basic induction and registration, before climbing.

Every climber will become a Free Boathouse Member upon signing the relevant consent forms and must agree to follow the rules of the Boathouse Climbing Centre. A copy of these can be found by clicking on our Terms and Conditions below.

Anyone aged under 18 years old with limited or no climbing experience must be signed in and accompanied by a supervising adult when paying for public entry. We do operate a specialist system for experienced under 18 climbers who can attend unaccompanied. This is subject to meeting certain criteria, for more information please contact us directly.

For anyone with limited or no climbing experience it is advised to either come along with someone who has climbed before and they can sign you in, or you can book onto one of our instructor led sessions and we can introduce you to climbing and the best way to progress. Onwards and Upwards!

Terms and Conditions

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Here at the Boathouse we encourage a friendly and respectful environment where all climbers can challenge themselves through climbing. There really is something for everyone, from beginners through to experienced and advanced climbers.

Our staff are on hand to offer help and support in your climbing journey and we look forward to welcoming you to the Boathouse Family.

Experienced climbers can register as a 'bouldering only climber' or as a 'rope & bouldering climber' under the following memberships;

  1. Boathouse Member
  2. Crew Member

Other memberships include;

  • Jr Crew Member - For our under 18's climbing clubs
  • Specialist Group Membership

See below for more information. Let's Get Climbing!

Boathouse Member

  • For climbers with experience in either Bouldering or Roped Climbing, you can visit on a drop in basis during our public opening hours.
  • Sign in a maximum of 2 Novices / Under 18 Climbers to supervise.
  • Between our Bouldering Wall and Climbing Tower it is very easy to spend over 3 hours with us.
No Annual Fee : £10 Entry

Crew Member

  • Crew Membership is available to climbers with experience who will be visiting us on a frequent basis during our public opening hours.
  • Start saving money on just your 9th visit in one year!
  • Access to our monthly pass scheme, (once available).
  • Sign in a maximum of 2 Novices / Under 18 Climbers to supervise.
  • Updates on Boathouse Events
£30 Annual Fee : £7 Entry

Jr Crew Member

  • Only available to those aged 4 - 18 years who join our Climbing Clubs.
  • A Junior Crew Membership automatically offers and guarantees the club space into the next term.
  • Weekly club session fees do apply and are payable upfront at the beginning of each half term.
  • 10% Sibling Discount.
  • Discounts available for Jr Crew Members at special events and access for the 10-17 year olds into our After School Bouldering Sessions.

Learn more about our clubs

£30.00 Annual Fee

Specialist Group Membership

Here at the Boathouse we create partnerships with other organisations to help get people climbing

  • Conwy Monkeys are an independent group for families with children who have additional needs.

  • Conwy Gorillaz in partnership with other local organisations is an inclusive group for adults with additional needs and learning disabilities.

  • Community Climbing Groups are self managed by motivated individuals who wish to become associated with other likeminded people to create a unique climbing community.

Email for more information

Prices Vary

Entrance Fee

To our Bouldering Wall and Climbing Tower, in accordance with registration.

TypeCostEntrance Fee10 Entrance Pass
Boathouse MemberFree£10£90
Crew Member£30£7£63
Young People Aged 13 - 17-£7£63
Children Aged 12 & Under-£5£45
Adult Supervisor for Under 18£5
Adult Spectator£5
Shoe Hire-£2 Public-
-£1 Jr Crew Member-
Harness & Helmet Hire-£2-
Jr Crew Member *£30£6.50 1 hr club-
£8.00 1.5 hr club-

Instructor Led Sessions

Currently Available

The maximum group size is currently 6 climbers. All climbers must be known to one another. All kit is included in the price.

30 minsClimbing for all agesMin of 1 - Max of 2£20
Additional Climber£10
60 minsClimbing for all agesMin of 1 - Max of 2£30
Additional climber£10

Parties / Groups

COVID-19 UPDATE These activities are currently unavailable in this format, please click on the link below for the most up to date information.

1 hr1 Activity of Climbing / Bouldering / CavingMin 4 - Max 8£10 pp
1.5 hr1 or 2 Activities of Climbing / Bouldering / CavingMin 6 - Max 16£12.50 pp
2 hr1, 2, or 3 Activities Climbing / Bouldering / CavingMin 8 - Max 16£15 pp


COVID-19 UPDATE These courses are currently unavailable in this format, please get in touch to find out more information on what is possible at this moment in time.

x2, 3 Hour SessionsBelayingMin 2 - Max 6£45 pp
1 Hour SessionIntro to BoulderingMin 2 - Max 4£15 pp
1 Hour SessionAdult / Parent Bouldering SupervisionMin 2 - Max 4£15 pp
2 Hour SessionMovement and CoachingMin 2 - Max 6£15 pp
x2, 3 Hour SessionsIntro to Top Rope ClimbingMin 4 - Max 6£45 pp
x3, 2 Hour SessionsIntro to Lead ClimbingMin 4 - Max 6£45 pp

Private Climbing Tuition - Currently Unavailable

A Climbing Instructor will tailor make this session to your needs.

1 hrMin 1 - Max 3£30
1.5 hrMin 1 - Max 3£40
2 hrMin 1 - Max 3£50

Activity Taster Sessions - Currently Unavailable

Perfect for people of all ages, a great holiday activity!

Climbing 45 minutesMin 1 - Max 8£8 pp
Caving Up to 45 minutesMin 1 - Max 8£8 pp
2nd Activity Top Up£5 pp


  • It is essential that all Courses, Party and Group bookings are made in advance and secured with a deposit.
  • It is advisable to book in advance for Activity Taster Sessions and Private Tuition Sessions.
  • Please contact us on the number below, send an enquiry or contact us via Facebook.

Call Now: 01492 35 35 35