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Junior Crew Clubs

Our climbing clubs follow a programme of consistency and long term development, going beyond just climbing up and down. We share the ethics, build respect and trust that's needed, being safe and how to risk assess. Movement development as well as technical skills with ropes and knots. Skills that can carry forward into all aspects of life, beyond a climbing environment. Progress is shared through achievement certificates with skills / outcomes recorded.

Anyone who joins this programme must become a Junior Crew Member, if opting for our monthly payment scheme the fee is included. For the block payment scheme the fee is charged on an annual basis.

Annual Junior Crew Membership is £45.00.

Our clubs follow the academic school year and are split into 6 half term blocks between September and July. Therefore the number of weeks vary accordingly within each block.

Our main club evening is on a Monday, with select clubs also taking place on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday after school, as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings.

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Recommended Pathway To Joining

If your child / children have never climbed before we recommend booking a private 1 hour instructional session at £30.00. (We can take a max of 2 climbers for this price). This is to ensure the activity is what you all expect it to be and enables us to be able to offer the best suited club for your budding climber(s) should you want to proceed.

If they have climbed before, either in a private session, party, or at another centre you are able to book a taster session in a particular club if space is available. It is a one off fee, try before you fully commit.


  • Attendance for a club taster session is by prior arrangement only.
  • One session only unless pre-arranged by management.
  • Shoe hire is included in the session cost.

45 Minute Club @ £10.00 / 1 Hour Club @ £15.00 / 1.5 Hour Club @ £20.00


45 Minute Club @ £7.50 per session (for our younger climbers aged 4-5 years)

1 Hour Club @ £9.50 per session

1.5 Hour Club @ £11.00 per session (Inters & Advanced only)

  • It is a requirement that all climbers wear climbing shoes. These can be hired directly from us at a special rate of £1.50 per session.
  • All other kit needed is provided free of charge, climbers are welcome to bring their own kit along.
  • We offer a 10% sibling discount on the club fees for a 2nd sibling plus.
  • We offer 2 payment different schemes. Please click for full price including payment terms and conditions.

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What We Offer....

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4-7 Years

  • 4-5 years in Reception School Year, a special 45 minute session which introduces the basics to them.
  • 5-7 years from Year 1 upwards are offered 60 minutes.

These fun interactive sessions are built on the fundamentals of climbing and aim to give the young person the best start in this sport but also to help establish skills that are relevant to other areas of their lives.

During the weekly sessions the content includes playing games that help to develop and increase balance, spacial awareness, hand, foot and eye coordination to name just a few physical benefits. Climbing is also an activity proven to help in concentration and focus.

Members are also introduced to a rope system in which they can interact and be a part of. This gives them the opportunity to learn how to trust and become responsible for themselves and others through team work and respect. As they progress they begin to demonstrate an awareness of safety and how to assess risk. These are all qualities that are essential for their futures.

Please note, anyone who is 4 year old must be in full time education to join these clubs.

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Beginners of 8-12 years and 13 years plus

For 8 years and older our Junior Crew Members literally start learning the ropes!

By focussing on how to belay and be responsible for another climber, as well as learning about the equipment of harnesses, helmets and ropes our climbers learn about taking responsibility and working within a safe and supportive environment.

The fundamentals of climbing still forms an integral part of these clubs and focus is also given to continual development their movement skills through a series of engaging and challenging tasks.

Members are also given the opportunity to experience our Bouldering Wall and Roped Climbing in our Tower. Climbing shoes are needed at this level and we have a special discount rate on shoe hire at just £1.50 per session.

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Intermediate / Advanced

For climbers who can already belay and are competent on a Bouldering Wall.

Comprehensive climbing techniques are included within this programme and each climber is developed on an individual basis according to their needs.

Areas of focus are placed within body movement coaching through a variety of tasks and challenges.

If appropriate for the group then Lead Climbing may also be built into the programme of activity.

Individual training programmes can be devised alongside the club programme if required or requested to further enhance a climbers development towards PE GCSE / A Level or BTEC in further education.

We offer the opportunity for those that want to get involved in volunteer work to gain the skills and experience of assisting with our younger clubs. These hours can be accounted for extra curricular activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Spring 2024

The next block of climbing clubs run from week beginning 19th February through to week ending 24th March.

Easter Holidays are Monday 25th March- Sunday 7th April, no clubs will be taking place during these weeks.

Clubs restart Monday 8th April 2024.

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Personal Climbing Stories

Sam was a member of the Welsh team in the recent UK BMC youth climbing finals 2019, where he finished 7th overall and the highest placed Welsh Climber in Age Category D.

Sam's very first climbing experience was at Prom Extra with Andy on VersaWall and thoroughly enjoying his time on the wall he joined the climbing clubs at Llandudno Junction Leisure Centre back in 2013. Showing a natural flare for climbing Sam progressed very quickly under Andy's coaching and outgrew what Junction Wall was able to offer. Encouraged to pursue his climbing passion and develop his skills further Sam successfully joined the North Wales Climbing Academy and has been actively involved ever since. You will find Sam training at the Boathouse from time to time on both the bouldering and lead walls.

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