Boathouse Climbing

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Instructional Climbing

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Instructional Sessions

These sessions offer a flexible and personal approach to help you progress on your climbing journey.

  • Available for between 1 - 2 people for a set price.
  • Extra climbers can be added to the session for an additional cost per person.
  • Choose between 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hour sessions.
  • Tailor made to focus on what you want to do or learn.
  • All kit is included in the price.
  • Sessions can be booked during our public opening hours at your convenience and our availability.

Instructional Prices

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  • Learn how to use the equipment to keep a climber on a rope system safe, known as top roping.
  • Perfect for Climbers who are just starting or in need of a refresher.
  • Ideal for parents who want to bring their child rope climbing.
  • Course length x2, 2 hour sessions.
  • £60 per person, minimum of 2 to maximum of 4 people, aged 18 and above.

It is the aim on completion that you will be competent in the safety aspects of belaying and harness work for roped climbers. Following the completion of the course you will need to undertake a belay observation on your next visit to centre, to be signed off as a competent belayer.


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Looking for a different kind of workout that engages and works the whole body in areas such as strength, flexibility, and co-ordination? Bouldering could be the sport for you!

  • Bouldering is climbing without ropes.
  • Our instructor will help to build your confidence in a safe environment and will guide you through the techniques of safe practice when bouldering.
  • This course is designed to get you started and for you to learn your way around our wall, so when you come next time you can set off on your own.
  • Course length - 1 hour session
  • Cost starts from £30

Our Bouldering Wall offers a variety of routes and challenges and if you start to use it on a regular basis it will certainly help with increasing and maintaining fitness levels.


  • An introduction on how to use our Bouldering Wall in a safe manner and how to supervise your novice climber in the building.
  • Course content will include basic movement techniques and safe practice.
  • Course length - 1 hour session.
  • Cost starts from £30

This course is great for adults who have no previous knowledge of climbing and would like to bring a family member to the Boathouse on a regular basis.


  • Aimed at anyone age 10+ wanting to learn basic techniques and how to move on a climbing wall.
  • Intermediate climbers; learn to increase your range of movement leading you to climb harder and smarter.
  • For experienced climbers wanting to achieve those harder grades.
  • Course length - 90 minute session.
  • Cost starts from £45

Our climbing coaches have a range of different experiences so we can also tailor make 1:1 courses specific to your needs.


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Roped Climbing

Introduction to Top Rope

Wanting to climb higher? Then this is the course for you!

  • Top Rope Climbing is from a fixed anchor point positioned at the top of the route. A rope is passed through and attached to both the climber and their belayer, who keeps them secure as they climb, preventing and protecting them from falling very far.
  • Our instructor will help you to understand the equipment needed.
  • Belaying techniques, which will include rope, knot work and safe practice.
  • Climbing techniques which includes slipping & falling.
  • Course length x3, 2 hour sessions, or we can accommodate a more personalised schedule.
  • £75 per person, minimum of 2 to maximum of 4 people. Aged 18 and above only.

Top Rope Climbing is great for those wishing to take on greater heights.

Introduction to Lead Climbing

Ideal for people with experience in top rope climbing who are looking to develop their skills further and also for those in need of a refresher in leading techniques and safe practice.

  • Lead climbing sees the rope running directly between climber and belayer. As the climber ascends the route they clip the rope into various anchor points. Whilst they are climbing to reach the next anchor point a fall zone develops which makes this style of climbing more adventurous.
  • Understand the basic principles of lead climbing.
  • Revision in good / safe practice covering clipping and belaying.
  • Our instructor will help to build your confidence in a safe environment and can guide you through the techniques of falling from both the perspective of a belayer and climber.
  • Course length x3, 2 hour sessions, or we can accommodate a more personalised schedule.
  • £75 per person, minimum of 2 to maximum of 4 people. Aged 18 and over only.

With various lead routes available in our climbing tower this style of climbing pushes the boundaries for those seeking that extra adrenaline rush!


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