Boathouse Climbing

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Our Shop

Can be found at Reception, where you can hire equipment that will get you climbing.

We plan to hold a small amount of stock behind reception that is available for purchase. For a wider variety of choice or to customise your order our Online Shop will be available from September 2019.

  • Shoe Hire & Harness Hire @ £2 per item from Reception Only
  • Chalk Bag Hire @ £1 from Reception Only
  • Chalk Balls @ £2.50 from Reception Only
  • Boathouse Hoodies range from £25-£30
  • Boathouse T-Shirts range from £15-£20

To place an order before September 2019 please ask at Reception.

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Food & Drink

Available from our Fuel Station behind Reception. We have a great range of hot drinks and snacks for those that need an energy boost during their climbing session or for those that are watching and relaxing in our Seating Gallery.

  • Cold & Hot Drinks: Variation of Coffee's inc Latte, Cappuccino, Expresso, Expressochoc, Moccachino, Hot Chocolate, Tea.
  • Snacks: Variation of Crisps, Chocolate Bars, Biscuits and Flap Jacks

Only Hot Drinks and Juice purchased from our reception can be consumed at the Boathouse Climbing Centre.

Call Now: 01492 35 35 35